Josh Howard  

“We all knew he was an outstanding player."
—Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski

"He's a beautiful player to watch at both ends of the court."

"Howard is a fire-eating, extra-physical defender with all-around skills."
—Sportswriter Tom Kertes

"How could 24 teams pass on this guy? What were they scouting?"
—Former teammate Antawn Jamison

"His arms are always moving. He looks like Inspector Gadget out there."
—Wake Forest head coach Skip Prosser

"His greatest gift to his teammates is the courage he gives them."

"Josh was the steal of the draft."
—Former Mavericks head coach Don Nelson

"He’s a complete, all-around player, gifted on both ends of the floor."
—NC State head coach Herb Sendek

"He’s a great guy to be around."
—High school teammate Ryan Blake

"Odds are, he’ll only get better."
—Sportswriter DL Sayles

"Not only is Josh an outstanding basketball player, he is an exceptional young man."
—Wake Forest AD Ron Wellmann

"Josh Howard is incredible."
—Former Virginia head coach Pete Gillen

"Any player can look inward and do his best to help his team. But it takes a special player to leads his team both on the stat sheet and in the locker room."
—Sportswriter Brett Ballantini

"He’s just like Superman."
—Formet teammate Taron Downey



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