“Hudson’s a great pitcher. He’s a tremendous force.”
—All-Star Nomar Garciaparra

“He throws all kinds of pitches, keeps them in good locations, and throws hard enough to keep you honest.”
—All-Star Carlos Delgado

“In the old west, he would’ve been the guy swindling everyone at cards and walking off with the best-looking girl. He’s got that swagger.”
—A's GM Billy Beane

“I’m sure Huddy was the best player on every team he played on in his life, so I doubt size was ever an issue.”

“He throws strikes and he’s a great competitor.”
—Former A's manager Art Howe

“He certainly is a throwback type of guy.”
—Dodgers manager Joe Torre

“His stuff is so good!”
—Former teammate Ramon Hernandez

“I think we have similar styles. We’re both laid back, but when we get on the mound, it’s kill or be killed.”
—Former teammate Barry Zito

“Tim is a pretty wise kid. He’s good at figuring stuff out on his own.”
—Former teammate Kevin Appier

"It's not luck. This guy has a nasty sinker and split-finger and throws in the mid-90s.”
—Mets manager Willie Randolph

“He reminds me of Pedro. He throws the ball hard, has good arm movement, and he’s a great competitor.”
—Former teammate Mike Bordick

“He knows what he’s doing out there.”
—Former big leaguer Greg Vaughn

“All I can say is I wouldn’t bet against him.”
—Former big leaguer Tim Belcher

“He’s a bulldog...he refuses to give in to anything, or anybody.”
—Former teammate Jason Giambi

“He came from a family that had zero, and he was driven to do something.”
—Tim’s High School Coach Russ Martin

“He is an ace.”
—Former teammate Randy Velarde


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