“Every time I step on the court I want to be up there with the best."

"Hard work pays."

"I dedicated myself to the game and never disrespected it."

"You’ve got to love the game and the game will love you back."

"I’ve won at every level."

"I’m amazed at my progress."

"I just try to play every game like it’s my last."

"If you can take pride in what you’re doing on defense, it’s going to be pretty hard for that offensive opponent to go by you or make a shot over you."

"In high school, I was just a guy who ran the court and played defense. Now I have the whole package."

"To be one of the special ones, you’ve got to want to take that shot—you’ve also got to be willing to fail, learn from it, come back and take that shot again."

"Obviously, I know what I'm best at: catch-and-shoot. But I can put the ball on the floor."

"My idol, Gary Payton, played 19 years. I definitely want to try to reach that."

"Ever since I've been a Maverick, I've been the guy in the fourth quarter they depended on to either make plays or make shots."

Jason Terry,
2005 Upper Deck Triology

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