“This is an awesome team to be around. Great guys. I want to be a part of that. I want to work harder and I want to work better.”

“If I did something stupid—something I shouldn’t be doing—it would be all over the nation. I would be such a hypocrite, I’d let everyone down. That’s why I go to the ballpark, and I go home. Park. Home. Park. Home.”

“After four years of putting my body through hell I’m amazed at how well it’s held up.”

“I go to sleep every night and wake up every morning, and everything’s clear.”

“I’ll always miss pitching.”

“There is no reason why I shouldn’t be dead or crippled.”

"I was a man with no soul."

"Cocaine doesn’t discriminate. It’ll get anybody. It got me quick."

“Just being back on the field is awesome.”

“You have no idea what I’ve been through.”

“Being the first pick is an honor.”

“It’s the support group I have here that makes staying clean easy.”

"It’s my privilege to tell my story. I never get tired of telling it. I know just how fortunate I am."

"I’m at peace with myself. There’s nothing that frightens me."

“If I focus on what it takes for the team to win, I feel my numbers are going to improve.”

“I'm hitting the ball hard, but there are some adjustments still to be made. I need to keep trying to hit the ball to left-center like I want to.”

“If I'm not hitting well, I can still do something in the field to help the team win.”

“It's not about finishing strong, it's about being consistent.”

"I'm proof that hope is never lost."


Josh Hamilton,
1999 Baseball America


Josh Hamilton, 2001 Heritage


Josh Hamilton,
2007 Ultra Insert

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