“Josh Hamilton is the best baseball player to walk the planet.”
—Teammate Ian Kinsler

“Now he knows the game better and his capability. The better you understand yourself, the faster you can stop the downward slides. He's learned a lot about himself and the game. That's why I don't see him slowing downt.”

“He's got a legitimate shot at winning the Triple Crown.”

“He plays the shallowest center field I’ve ever seen. And he can still get the ball like nobody’s business.”
—Veteran Raul Ibanez

“He’s a great player.”
—Rangers manager Ron Washington

“It just killed me to see the difficulties he had.”
—Former Reds manager Jerry Narron

“We felt with his upside, if he had his life together, it was well worth the gamble based on raw ability he showed over the years.”
—Former Reds GM Wayne Krivsky

“I remember seeing him taking BP with the Devil Rays in 2000 during spring training and I was like, 'Who’s that?'”
—Former big leaguer Sean Casey

“It’s amazing how many scouts say he’s the best player they’ve ever seen.”
—Rangers GM Jon Daniels

“You watch him track down a ball, you watch him throw a guy out at third. Then he hits a ball down the line and gets a triple, and it’s like, 'The guy can run too?'”
—Veteran pitcher Greg Smith

“It’s Hollywood, man, pure Hollywood.”
—Scout Mike Berger

“He looked like a big leaguer in high school. No kids look like that.”
—Scout Mark McKnight

“Do I worry about a relapse? I used to worry a lot … but I don’t worry about it much anymore.”
—Josh's wife Katie


Ian Kinsler, 2009 Heritage


Raul Ibanez, 2003 Topps T205


Sean Casey,
1999 Upper Deck Retro

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