“I thought I'd be back in baseball, but I didn't know when.”

“I got tired of waking up and having clumps [of hair] on my pillow so we buzzed it. I had the Chia Pet look going for a while!”

“I surprise people.”

“Obviously, there's that denial. Why me? But right now there's no time for that.”

“When you're laying in bed at night, when you're not doing anything, you think about it a little bit.”

“It takes a while for all this to set in.”

"Finally in Portland I got there and did well. I did what everybody said I was supposed to do. I think, mental-wise, it helped me."

"It’s almost embarrassing to be out in public and someone comes up to you and says, ‘My mother had the same thing you did.’ What do you say? I don't know what to say to make them feel better about their situation."

“This is a really first-class organization.”

“I want to get to that point where you're like a Schilling or a Beckett, when they know every five days, whether they have their good stuff or not, they're going to compete and try to win.”

“I think Schill and Beckett take it to a whole other level between themselves, but they’ve pushed me quite a bit the past few years. It definitely helps to have those guys in the clubhouse.”

“I knew with my competitiveness I'd be back pitching. I just didn't know that it would turn out this way.”

"I’m cancer-free right now. That's it."





Jon Lester, 2007 Heritage

Jon Lester, 2007 Topps


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