“Joey Logano, in my opinion, will be a Cup champion.”
—NASCAR star Mark Martin

"I started seeing Joey race when he was 10. You just had to watch him. You don't have to be a brain surgeon. All you had to do is watch, and you could see how incredible a talent he was.”

"He can be one of the greatest that ever raced in NASCAR.”

“Joey is a huge part of our future.”
—NASCAR team owner Joe Gibbs

“At 200 mph, going around the race track, I don’t think I could dissect what the car is doing like he has. It’s very much the kind of thing that you expect out of a veteran race-car driver.”
—Gibbs racing executive Jimmy Makar

"You have to have guys to look up to and learn things in this sport.”
—NASCAR driver Greg Biffle

"I think that he’s going to be one of the guys that I have to beat.”
—NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin

"I'm happy for Zippy and Joey and all the guys on The Home Depot team.”
—NASCAR star Tony Stewart

“We don't have two or three years for him to ride around and figure it out on his own because of the situation we were put in. We're trying to accelerate his learning curve.”
—Crew Chief Greg Zipadelli

“Logano has shown he wants to win at all costs. He will be raced by others as he races themand can expect to be wrecked by those running in second place as they near the checkered flag.”
—Sportswriter Dick Berggren

"No longer is Logano's talent just a figment of Martin's imagination, but a bona fide reality.”
—Sportswriter Jay Hart

“He loves life. He's goofing around all the time, but he's mature. He's still a kid by heart, but man, when it comes game time, he's serious.”
—Tom Logano

Mark Martin,
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