“He's a guy who can accept coaching. He accepts criticism. He also loves the game of basketball.”
—Wizards assistant coach Sam Cassell

"He's a great leader and he has a very high basketball intelligence of understanding what we want to do. He understands our offense as well or better than anybody.”
—Wizards head coach Flip Saunders

“He’s strong, fast, smart and he’s a leader. He’s just a pure talentl.”
—Teammate Andray Blatche

“John's an incredible player.”
—Former teammate DeMarcus Cousins

"He’s the best point-guard prospect I’ve seen since Jason Kidd.”
—UNC head coach Roy Williams

"He's so explosive with the ball.”
—NBA coach and broadcaster Doug Collins

"When you have a player like him you can almost guarantee you can get a shot every time down.”

“The kid is a pleaser. He doesn’t want to make anyone mad.”
—Kentucky head coach John Calipari

“What a great kid— one of the best kids we’ve ever been around.”

"Right now, the city is John's.”
—Former teammate Gilbert Arenas

“He's a rock star.”
—Wizards owner Ted Leonsis

“Wall will be able to do what great players do in the NBA, which is to say, disproportionately influence the game and win it for his team.”
—Sportswriter Michael Wilbon

“He has a real competitive nature. Winning and losing is very important to him, and those are the kind of players we want to build this team with.”
Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld

“He's going to bring a lot of electricity to this building.”

“Wall reminds me of AI because of his speed. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone as fast with the ball as John Wall.”
—Sportswriter Lang Whitaker

“He was angry, and no one had helped him deal with the anger.”
—Word of God Pastor Frank Summerfield

“LeBron has been LeBron since he was 3; Kobe has been Kobe since he was 4; Shaq has been Shaq since he was 5. John Wall has just been John Wall since he was 16. It just clicked one day.”
—AAU coach LeVelle Moton


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