“I think, in public, he’s shown to have a sense of discretion and shyness. I think now he’s matured. He’s got children. He’s a lot different.’’
—Heat coach Pat Riley

“I’m not comparing him, but he does play a lot like Pete Maravich.’’
—Florida coach Billy Donovan

”He still has a tendency to get out of control and plays mostly on emotion, but he’s getting better.’’
—Veteran NBA coach Rick Adelman

”He’s so much more under control now. He’s not as spontaneous as he used to be. He used to come down out of control and just let one go.’’
—Mavs guard Jason Terry

”I don’t know if people ever see the real Jason. I think he’s afraid that if he allows everyone to see him, people might become disrespectful.’’
—Former teammate Chris Webber

”He’s the funniest white guy ever. He’s funnier than Jim Carrey, funnier than
Jimmy Kimmell.’’
—Teammate Shaquille O’Neal

”He’s the hip-hop Scott Skiles. I always enjoy watching his game and the way he plays.’’

“Jason Williams put Sacramento on the map.”

”He’s cool now. He’s one of the coolest guys. I don’t see any of the things I’ve heard about him, you know, being a problem to the team or a coach or anything like that.’’
—Teammate Dwyane Wade

“He had a lot of pizzazz to his game—people called him ‘And1’ and ‘Streetballer.’”
—NBA veteran Gary Payton

”Jason is a point guard who looks to get his teammates involved offensively and he does a nice job running the pick and roll. He still is a point guard who can score.’’
—Celtics coach Doc Rivers


Pat Riley, 1996 Hoops

Shaquille O'Neal, 2006 HOOP


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