Kicking the football and the soccer ball is all the same, just a different shape, like an egg. It doesn't make any difference."

"I feel sorry for the little kickers that weigh 165-170."

"The key is being with the right people and making the right decisions."

"This [Oakland] is my second home now. I feel more comfortable. My teammates trust me. I can talk with them, joke with them. It's good."

"I have a strong hips and groin. It’s the leg speed, the way I approach the ball. My first step is not very hard, but my second is explosive."

"People can look at me any way they want to. If somebody meets me and hangs out with me, they can see what kind person I am. I can’t change for people."

"I can’t drink. I have too much to lose. I can’t lose my job over something I can stop."

"I’m moving on. I’m human. Everybody makes mistakes."

"Sometimes I've gone out there and thought to myself, 'Don't miss this one, don't miss it.' I don't think about that anymore. It just comes natural."

"I don't know how many years left we got—we’re getting old."

"There are times, where I am sad for the public. I am sad, because they do not get to know the brilliance that is Sebastian Janikowski."

"Al Davis treated me like son. That man helped me become the man I am today."

"I'm just enjoying life more and thinking about the future."


Sebastian Janikowski,
2000 Upper Deck



Sebastian Janikowski,
2000 Press Pass

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