“I don't think he'll end at 63. It will be 65, 66 at least."
—All-Pro punter Shane Lechler

"I respect Janikowski...it's the ability of the kicker that makes the difference."
—Former NFL kicker Tom Dempsey

"When they get to the 50, you start getting nervous."
—NFL coach Chan Gailey

“The first time he kicked, it sounded like a gun. We had 120 players out there, and you could hear a pin drop. I thought, 'My God, what have we got here?'"
—Sebastian’s high school coach Kerry Kramer

"It’s impossible not to like him."
—Legendary college coach Bobby Bowden

"He’s got power, but he has great technique, too."
—Former Pro Bowl kicker Olindo Mare

"Sebastian can play all sports. He's very athletically gifted. He'll run those guys down on tackles. Maybe he is the prototype of what guys should be like."
—NFL scout Paul Assad

"He's very unusual. He puts points on the board for your offense and puts the opposition in a hole for your defense on kickoffs."
—NFL executive Tom Braatz

Shane Lechler,
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Olindo Mare, autographed photo

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