Jeff Kent  

“His range isn’t as great as some, but nobody’s better at hanging in on the double play.”
—J.T. Snow, San Francisco first baseman

“I think he’s a hell of a nice guy. But you know, even if he isn’t a nice guy, can he play? That’s what I want to know. I like this guy as a ballplayer more than anything. Good guys are great if they can play.”
—Rod Beck, former teammate

“His emphasis is hustling and playing hard, and he might make errors because he goes all out on every play. I don’t know anyone who stays in there longer on double plays.”
—Rich Aurilia, San Francisco shortstop

“He’s like an RBI machine. He was always a dangerous hitter. But now he’s a smart hitter.”
—Merv Rettenmund, former major leaguer

“As far as I’m concerned, you can build a team around Jeff. He’s that good. He’s the best offensive second baseman I have ever seen.”
— Kevin Mitchell, former major leaguer

“He’s a great mistake hitter, and a lot of those mistakes end up on the scoreboard.”
—Brian Sabean, San Francisco GM

“He tries to beat you every which way he can. There are guys who play baseball, and then there are ballplayers. Jeff Kent’s a ballplayer.”
—Dusty Baker, Cubs manager

"I don't think I've ever met a more confident individual than Jeff Kent. Confident, serious and intense."
—Astros GM Gerry Hunsicker


Rich Aurilia,
2002 Upper Deck Vintage

Kevin Mitchell, 1989 Beckett


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