“The best way I can describe him is that he’s not interested in simply being a big leaguer, he wants to be more. That’s what I love about him. I know this, he’s better than I was at that point in my career.”
—Teammate Michael Young

“I’ve played with guys who have had some incredible seasons here, but 30–30 is something special. He deserves a lot of credit. He battled all season long. That’s what separates the great players from the good ones.”

"He’s been through an apprenticeship, and he’s handled every level we threw at him. You learn through the years not to put limitations on guys with his kind of makeup. I’m trying to get out of his way and let him be Ian.”
—Former Rangers manager Buck Showalter

“Ian represents the past, present, and future of this organization.”
—Rangers assistant GM Thad Levine

“I’d like to say he absolutely stood out, but that wasn’t the case.”
—Rangers scout Mike Grouse

"A lot of guys say they want it, but when it comes to working for it they don’t have what it takes. It was pretty clear that wasn’t a question with Ian. There was a sense of urgency with him to get better and move up.”

"You have to earn respect in this clubhouse or any clubhouse. He’s done that with his performance. But he also carries himself in a really professional manner. He’s confident without ever being loud.”
—Former teammate Mark Texiera

"He’s extremely conscientious, and he really wants to learn. He lets you know he’s on the rise because he never acts like he’s got it all figured out.”
—Rangers manager Ron Washington

“He’s certainly our catalyst.”

“Kinsler wanted it so bad and worked to make it happen. It’s an unbelievable success story. What are the odds you find a star like Ian at that point in the draft?”
—Rangers assistant GM Grady Fuson

"From the day Ian stepped through the doors here you could see it on his face: He was on a mission.”
—Missouri head coach Tim Jamieson

“He worked hard with our strength coach and conditioning coaches to get stronger, and it’s paying off.”
—Ragners director of minor league operations John Lombardo



Michael Young, 2005 Bowman



Mark Texiera,
2005 Diamond Kings


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