MIchael Young  

“He didn’t use the change of position as an excuse to fail. Some guys might have said, ‘It’s going to be harder to make the All-Star team.’ He’d have been embarrassed to say that."
—Rangers manager Buck Showalter

"Mike’s a grinder. He’s always going to figure it out."

"He’s probably one of the best hitters I've played with."
—Teammate David Dellucci

"Every time up we think he’ll get a hit."
—Former teammate Eric Young

"Mike doesn’t lose any sleep over recognition. He’s a guy that really enjoys playing the game."
—Rangers coach Steve Smith

"He’s only going to get better."
—All-Star Alex Rodriguez

"From day one, I saw that Michael just had a great appetite for learning."

"He’s aggressive. No question about that."
—Yankees manager Joe Torre

"He is a core player for us—a guy you’re proud to have in the organization."
—Rangers GM John Hart

"I’m glad his dreams have come true."
—Anna Young



Buck Showalter, 2004 Topps

Alex Rodriguez,
2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll


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