“I play defense. That's what I do. I play both ends of the floor.” 

“Nobody gives a rat's nipple about me.” 

“If it gets to the point where I can't go anywhere, I'm still going to be the same person.” 

"I'm still learning every game.” 

“I'm just taking my time, and started letting the game come to me, instead of trying to go out and get it.” 

“I'm not trying to put any more pressure on me because it's the playoffs.” 

“Because Baron [Davis] was down and I was the point guard, I felt like I was the leader, and I needed to do that, so I did it.” 

“I've been taking great shots. The hard work pays off every day in practice.” 

“I just gotta find myself. Somehow, some way. However I gotta do it, I gotta do it.”

“Everything's peaches and cream.” 



Monta Ellis wallpaper


Monta Ellis, 2008 Bowman

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