“A lot of kids can't mature as fast as he has ... I'm proud of him. He deserves everything he's getting right now.”
—Former teammate Stephen Jackson

"He's a competitor.”

“I don't know if Monta is at an MVP level. MVP for us, but not for the league.”
—Warriors assistant coach Keith Smart

“He's been taking the challenge on offense, but now he's taking it on defense. He's going out there looking to shut people down.”
—Teammate CJ Watson

"He lines you up one-on-one, jumps over you and shoots bombs.”
—Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle

"He wants to be great. That's something you can't teach.”
—NBA veteran Calbert Cheaney

"Monta is one of my favorite point guards in the league. I think he has the potential to be, believe it or not, one of the best two or three point guards.”
—NBA analyst Chris Webber

“When you can get to 16 feet as easy as he can, and he makes that about 65 percent, why would you shoot the 3?.”
—Legendary NBA coach Don Nelson

“He's deceptive with his quickness. It seems like he's not even moving, and the next thing you know is he's in the passing lane and down for a dunk.”
—NBA veteran Jason Richardson

"Mr. Unbelievable has been doing everything.”
—NBA veteran Corey Maggette

“He can really use his speed to change the game.”
—Former teammate Baron Davis

“I would have been scared to death to come out of high school and go right to the NBA. But he's never intimidated.”
—NBA analyst Jim Barnett

“He works hard and practices with a purpose.”
NBA veteran Derek Fisher

“I've been unbelievably impressed with his personality and what his core values are.”
—Sports marketing exec Taylor Duffy


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