“A lot of people pushed me, everybody was behind me. I've been blessed that way. I've had a clear idea about where I want to be, and here I am.” 

“I didn't know if I could make it to the big leagues without going through Triple-A.” 

“When I'm at my locker and I have a free moment, I'll give you some time. You're going to write what you want, anyway.” 

"I can't make excuses for any mistakes that I've made ... it's time to cut out all those stupid little mistakes that I've made, whether it's base running or whatever. I have to be more consistent and play my game the way I know how.” 

“People make mistakes. Of course, I'm not going to be perfect. But I want to try to be as perfect as I can be.” 

“I've pretty much grown up to hide my emotions for the most part.” 

“When I do something good, you're gonna see I'm happy. But when something is going wrong, I'm not going to get crazy and slam my helmet ,or whatever it is that some people do. I've never really been like that. Your opponent wants to see you frustrated. And I don't want them to think I'm frustrated when I'm not.” 

“Of course, you kind of care what people think. But at the end of the day, it's the people closest to you that matter most. It's what they think about you.” 

“If you’re my size in basketball, you better have hops like Dwyane Wade. In baseball, I was big.”

“I’ve been a Laker fan since the Shaq days. I didn’t just pick them up as my team, they were my team, and that’s cause when you grow up in a city with no team, you can pick whoever you want.” 

“In the past years I haven’t been real successful batting with the bases loaded. I’m just concentrating and trying to get a good pitch to hit.”

“One of the things I've done is tell myself I can't let bad things that happen to me on the field, off the field, whatever, affect me.” 

“I'm happy I play for the Dodgers. I'm happy I'm part of this team.” 

“The best players in baseball get to the World Series, and that’s what I’m trying to do.” 

“I love it in center. I can play all three, but I like being the leader in the outfielder.”

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Matt Kemp, 2009 Heritage


Matt Kemp, 2008 Heritage

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