“Know why I smile so much out there? It’s because I’m having so much fun.”

“I feel I rise to the occasion when the pressure’s on my shoulders.”

“I’m not worried about individual accolades or what people say about me. I’d rather people talk about the Eagles. I want to win the Super Bowl, and I want this team to be first in everything.”

“I don't think that I am the most exciting player in the NFL. If I had a choice it would probably be Marshall Faulk or Randy Moss. It's not being the most exciting. It is about being the most successful.”

"There's no relief, really, for me. I have relief after the Super Bowl. I set a goal to win the Super Bowl and that's where I'm going with it.”

“If you don't feel you're the best, then you shouldn't be doing your job. No one else cares if you don't care about yourself."

"It would be great to not have any injuries and just go out and play football and have fun ... But in life there are adversities, and it all just depends on how you overcome them.”

“I'm really excited about my future with the Washington Redskins. I'm eager to work with Coach Shanahan."

Donovan McNabb, 2001 Fleer


Donovan McNabb,
2010 Score

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