“I’m out there to play football. Regardless of what numbers I put up, people talk about not throwing touchdowns, or not getting 300 yards passing. You have to do what it takes to win.”

“I’ve never believed anyone could put more pressure on me than I put on myself. People expect great things from me. I expect great things from myself.”

“It was the family tradition. I wanted to live up to the name—McNair.”

“Pressure is what you make of it. It makes me play harder.”

“When I get on the field, I feel unstoppable.”

“I’m a country guy from Mississippi who keeps it simple.”

“I think I’ve always had the abilities, but the object has been to perform as well as I can.”

“I’ve learned to be patient. When I was younger I rushed things a lot. I tried to attack the game. Now I get teammates more involved before I try to take over.”

“I’m not out trying to prove anything. All I’m trying to do is go out there and help my team any way I can to win. I don’t get caught up in the individual stats or the awards.”

“I really find myself doing a lot better when I’m injured, so sometimes I look forward to it. This is the style that I play—being physical, running the football, making adjustments on the pass, avoiding the rush. Those sorts of things go with the total package of a quarterback.”

“I’m proud of where I come from. A lot of people leave Mississippi, and their claim to fame is somewhere else. But I have so many moral values that made me the person I am now.”

“I actually enjoy the pain. That’s what gives me the fire inside to get up and keep going.”

“With the physical mindset I play the game with, I expect to get hurt.”

“The sense of urgency is real for me, because the window of opportunity is closing. Gotta get back to the Super Bowl, gotta get back there and win it.”

“This is a physical game. You have to play with a lot of emotion and a lot of intensity. I’m a competitor, so I do whatever it takes to win.”

“The tide has changed. You have to be able to improvise in today’s NFL.”

“I want people to say when No. 9 was out on the field, he did everything humanly possible to win a ballgame.”


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