“He was one of the finest players to play for our organization and one of the most beloved players by our fans. He played with unquestioned heart and leadership and led us to places that we had never reached, including our only Super Bowl.”
—Titans owner Bud Adams

“I don't think there was a player who played with him or against him that didn't look up to him and respect him.”
—Former Titans GM Floyd Reese

“He picked his spots, because he knew those hits take a toll. He saw the field more. Those are the ways he evolved.”
—Titans tight end Frank Wycheck

“The guy’s as talented as any quarterback who has ever played the game.”
—Former NFL Pro Bowl quarterback Randall Cunningham

“Steve has gone from the bottom to the top. He knows how to work for what he wants, and how to earn it.”
—Steve’s mother Lucille

“No quarterback, no player comes to mind who’s played through the injuries and tough situations he has. The numbers don’t describe what he is as a player.”
—Broadcaster Phil Simms

“Steve captures perfectly what you want your quarterback to be.”

“He’s got what I call personality under pressure.”
—Former Titans offensive coordinator Les Steckel

“If you were going to put together a list of all the things you can’t coach—poise, ability to lead, competitiveness, responsibility—he has them all.”
—Titans head coach Jeff Fisher

“There has been some criticism that Steve is not pulling the ball down and running anymore. Well, he doesn’t have to. He is making plays. He is recognizing defenses.”

“The Marines have a saying, ‘Pain is weakness leaving the body.’ That really applies to Steve.”

“Pain is Steve’s friend. It’s his motivation, his cape. He becomes Super Steve. We know when he’s hurt, he’s going to play better.”
—Former teammate Jevon Kearse

“At some point, we’re going to see a quarterback who can run and throw, something truly special. Steve McNair is on the cusp of becoming that kind of quarterback.”
—Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick

“He’s about the toughest football player I’ve ever seen. Not the toughest quarterback—the toughest player, period.”
—Former Titans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams

“He’s like the captain of the ship. As Steve goes, so this team goes.”
—Former teammate Derrick Mason

“You see the stuff he plays through, and you can’t have anything but respect for him. It makes you want to play harder, play through stuff.”
—Former teammate Lance Schulters

“There’s no way I could do what he’s doing. He’s hands-down the toughest player in the NFL.”
—Former teammate Kevin Carter

“Michael Vick is the next Steve McNair, not the other way around. Michael hopes to one day have the experience and poise that Steve has.”
—Former teammate Greg Comella

“You can tell he loves what he’s doing.”
—Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gary Walker

“People think he’s tough and he should be playing every game, but he’s human. I just don’t want them to turn on his when he finally says he can’t play.”
—Steve’s wife Mechelle

“That joker is a warrior. He has the mentality of a linebacker playing quarterback. His toughness is unbelievable.”
—Former teammate Michael Barrow

“You’ve got to be ready to hit him like you’re hitting a running back. Or he’s going to hit you and hurt you.”
—NFL veteran Ty Law

“I like Steve’s style because his style is my style.”
—Super Bowl MVP John Elway


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