“I want to keep winning—the hell with the record”

“My concentration and focus level tends to go down sometimes when I’m in a bad mood.”

“I'm just enjoying the ride. I'm just contributing what I can.”

“The Moss of old is back!”

“I don’t care about my image. I’m already paid. I’ve already got my money, so why worry about my image?”

“I don’t want records. I want a Super Bowl ring.”

“I’ve always just loved to play football, even if it was street football, like razzle-dazzle.”

“I’m one of the most competitive guys in the NFL. Believe me, nobody wants it more than me.”

“I know I have a reputation to protect, and it’s not just me—I’m also representing a multimillion-dollar franchise and my family. So if sometimes I say things I regret, I’ve got to pay for it.”

“You can’t stop me in bump. And you definitely can’t stop me playing off. You just try to contain me and stop me from getting a lot of catches.”

“I’m a guy here to play football. I’m not here for photos or newspapers or TV shows or trophies or awards. I’m not into all that.”

“In a way, I am what they say I am. I am a hard-ass. I’m hard to get along with. Most of the time I’m moody. All that’s true. I got no problem with people saying that.”

“Everybody knows I got a temper. It’s not a temper temper—not an off-the-field temper. It’s a competitive temper, wanting to do good. But as far as being a guy who disrupts a lot of things, who doesn’t want to listen? Nah, man. That’s false. That’s false because I’m excelling.”

“Teams try to trash-talk me and rough me up every Sunday. Me? I don’t play that game. Don’t need to. I’m known to be mouthy, but not on the field. Out there, I’m just trying to hurt your feelings. I want to go out there and make you feel bad.”

“Excluding nobody, I’m the best player in the National Football League.”

“Why should I worry about what people think? I’ve got everything I need—everything I’ll ever need. It’s not my fault people don’t know me. Look, I’m going to speak my mind, no matter what the consequences are.”

“Nobody controls me but my mama and God.”

“If it’s early in the game and the team’s not doing well, I get frustrated when I don’t get the ball, because I think I can spark the team and get the crowd into it.”

“I don’t think people get the meaning of ‘I play when I want to play.’ You think a guy like Randy Moss is going to blow off a game, as much as I love football? Really, I’m just being smart. I’m not going to go full speed every time when I don’t need to.”

“I’m a country boy who hasn’t really been exposed to city living, and it throws me.”

“There’s nothing more for me to accomplish in this league as an individual.”

“I’m starting to realize I can’t practice a certain way during the week and expect to play another way on Sunday."

“I like to keep my surroundings low-key. I don't need much around me. I'm easy don't need a lot of racket.”

“I don't have any friends. I can't really have any friends. It's sad, really. It's lonely. But that's how I am."


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