“He was just born to be a football player.”
—All-Pro quarterback Tom Brady

“I’m a Randy Moss fan!.”
—Patriots owner Robert Kraft

“He's done nothing but work hard and put the team first.”
—Teammate Teddy Bruschi

“Whenever you have a guy like Randy Moss, a guy who everybody in the league respects and who has big-play capability every time he gets on the field, teams have to respect that.”
—Teammate Ben Wastson

"He’s always going to be in the limelight, and I think he understands that now a little bit more. He just needs to be himself and stay cool.”
—Former teammate Daunte Culpepper

“Having someone like Randy in a game-breaking moment is a tremendous advantage.”

“You can stop Randy. But you’re going to have to give up the game to do it.”
—Former NFL head coach Brian Billick

“Nobody, and I mean nobody, has all those physical skills Randy has. They just don’t. That kid loves to play football.”

“For him, there are no routes.”
—Super Bowl XXIX MVP Steve Young

“It looks like to me like he’s finally started to visualize the impact he can have even without the ball. And that’s a sign of a great player.”
—ESPN analyst Merril Hoge

“Mr. Moss—and I’m calling him Mr. Moss—is electrifying.”
—Former NFL head coach Ray Rhodes

“He’s been in some bad situations, so he shouldn’t be naive.”
—Former NFL head coach Dennis Green

“In a competitive situation, he can beat anybody.”

“He helps the young guys, coaches them up, and he’s positive about everything. He wants to win. This is what he believes he was made for. I think he’s awesome at it.”
—NFL quarterback Gus Frerotte

“Randy’s just a guy I don’t see eye to eye with. I take my responsibilities in this league a little differently.”
—NFL quarterback Kurt Warner

“He’s so confident in himself that even if he is doubled, he likes his chances. He’s probably right. He’s so good it’s hard to argue with him.”
—Former teammate Bubby Brister

“Playing football with Randy is like playing basketball with Michael Jordan.”
—Former teammate Matthew Hatchette

“He is the best as what he does.”
—Vikings owner Red McCombs

“I’ve never seen concentration on one player like Randy faces.”
—NFL analyst Cris Carter

“When you have one man on him, you’re taking some chances.”
—Former NFL head coach Dick Jauron

“As a player, I like Randy Moss—he’s got incredible talent, and I think he’s nasty. But if he was on my team and he pulled the s--- he pulls, I’d walk up to him on the sideline and punch him in the face.”
—Pro Bowl lineman Kyle Turley

“When he said he plays when he wants to play, it had all kinds of bad implications.”
—Former teammate Todd Steussie

“You don’t know him. I know him. I’m proud of him.”
—Former NFL head coach Mike Tice

“He understands better his role as a leader. He understands for the first time what comes out of his mouth has a tremendous impact on the team, good and bad.”

“He has a tremendous football IQ. The guy has the ability to dominate a game even when he’s not touching the ball.”
—NFL coach Scott Linehan

“He taught me a lot about what I can do to become a better player and a better man.”
—Former teammate Kelly Campbell


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