“He has no holes in his swing. It's fun to watch him grow so quickly.”
—Former teammate Jay Gibbons

"I have always said the thing about Nick is the more you challenge him, the better he gets.”
—Orioles manager Dave Tremblay

“He's a confident kid and the thing I laugh about, it seems like he has a short-term memory. He puts things behind him and learns from them. Nick knows that he can run, catch, throw, hit for average, hit for power, so it's never a question about his ability.”
—Former teammate Corey Patterson

“I think he's one of the top five outfielders in the game right now, in terms of complete, all-around players. There are guys with more power, but this kid can play defense, he's got a terrific arm and plenty of power. He does everything you'd ever want.”
—Former Orioles director of scouting Tony DeMacio

"Early on, even though he was very, very young in age, I knew I had a man on our hands.”
—Orioles hitting coach Terry Crowley

"Throughout his life, he's always done all his talking on the field.”
—Nick’s father Dennis

"When he's on the road, we probably talk 20 times a day, no exaggeration.”
—Nick’s mother Christina


Jay Gibbons, 2003 Topps T205


Terry Crowley, 1971 Topps

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