Jermaine O'Neal  

"I would hope that all our players would use him as an example in terms of how to handle adversity and show strength and character through tough times. Because through these times he has been a rock. You see it more in his person, and his play has elevated."
—Former Pacers coach Isiah Thomas

“Jermaine not only has extraordinary talent, but he also has all the tools to become a leader of this franchise and this community.”

“He totally accepts the fact that when we're losing he has a responsibility that goes beyond everyone else. I have nothing but admiration for him.”
—Pacers president Donnie Walsh

"He has matured to the point where he doesn't act out on the court because he understands that can hurt the team. In every single way you can imagine, he's doing everything he can to help this team win."

“The kid has a chance to be a special player in the right system.”

“He’s a great person. He looks you in the eye, says ‘Yes sir, no sir.’ He is not an ‘I’ person. He does not talk about his accomplishments. Little kids love him. You can’t fool little kids.”
—Jermaine’s high school coach George Glymph

“He’s a guy that can score the ball, and drive to the basket, and finish strong.”
—Former teammate Jalen Rose

“Everybody knew the talent he had, but in Portland he couldn’t showcase it. Now he’s playing like a monster.”
—Lakers All-Star Kobe Bryant

“He’s playing hard, making strong, aggressive moves. He’ll be the dominant big man one day—after I leave.”
—Lakers All-Star Shaquille O’Neal

“Before, he would wait for the defender to make a mistake. Now he knows how to make him make one.”
—Former All-Star Mark Aguirre

“He’s really explosive around the basket. When he gets the ball in the post, he’s got a lot of good moves he can go to. He’s a complete player.”
—Celtics forward Raef LaFrentz

“He’s murder.”
—Celtics coach Jim O’Brien

“He's one of the kindest, most generous star players I've ever been around.”
—Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle

“I've seen a lot of maturity in Jermaine in the last year and a half. What people saw on TV that one night? That's not Jermaine O'Neal. He's totally different.”
—Hall of Famer Larry Bird

“Running, duning, making defensive plays—he's the real deal.”
—Former All-Star Grant Hill


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