“She is just solid overall. She is a competitive player.”
—LPGA star Annika Sorenstam

“I can't say enough good things about her. She's absolutely the nicest person on the face of the earth.”
—LPGA star Cristie Kerr

“She’s not cocky. She’s not arrogant. She’s very undersatedly confident. She basically let’s her clubs do the talking.”
—LPGA star Kelli Kuehne

“She has a presence about her, a lot of confidence.”
—LPGA star Rosie Jones

"She doesn't really worry about anybody else. She just tries to go as low as she can. That's a great mentality to have."
—LPGA veteran Juli Inkster

"Lorena’s got so much imagination. She’s very artistic out there. She’s a phenomenal shot-maker."

“The floodgates are open now. She is just filled with so much confidence.”
—Lorena’s caddie Lance Bennett

"As a competitor, you want to beat her. But with her personality, you really find yourself pulling for her."
—All-American golfer Stacy Prammanasudh

“She is on fire. Nobody is hotter than Lorena right now.”
—LPGA star Natalie Gulbis

“It's fun to watcher her play—she’s such a great girl, too.”
—LPGA star Mikaela Parmlid

“She has such a mental edge that when she gets out there and plays golf, it’s not difficult for her to stay in the game for four or five hours.”
—Arizona golf coach Greg Allen

“She's the way I want my daughters to be when I grow up.”

“Our global footprint is growing significantly. There is no question that, to a large degree, the reason has everything to do with Lorena Ochoa and her popularity.”
—LPGA executive Karen Durkin

“If any of us could capture her essence and bottle it and sell it, we'd be millionaires.”
—Stanford golf coach Caroline O’Connor

“She is opening doors for young female golfers here, and female athletes in general.”
—Mexican Golf Association President Sonia de Feher

“In Mexico the masses don't even know what golf is, but if you ask a taxi driver in Mexico City, he'll know who Lorena Ochoa is.”
—Lorena’s coach Rafael Alarcon

“She has by far the most star power of any athlete I have ever dealt with.”
—Agent Rocky Hambric

“It’s one of the best runs—if not THE best—in the history of the LPGA. Basically, she’s qualified for the Hall of Fame in three and a half years.”
—LPGA legend Beth Daniel

“There is no more accommodating, agreeable superstar in contemporary golf.”
—Sportswriter John Strege

“She’s best at the psychological things. The more pressure she’s under, the stronger she gets.”
—Alejandro Ochoa

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