“Once he established himself as an everyday guy, he began to hit. It’s not easy to sit in April.”
—Former teammate Kevin Millar

“He’s always relaxed and at ease.”

"I think of him like he’s my brother. When he’s not going good, I worry about him. When he’s going good, I worry about him more.”
—Former teammate Corey Koskie

“He’s fun to kid around with.”

“He thinks he’s going to be on the cover of GQ, but he doesn’t quite understand what style is all about.”
—Former teammate Doug Mientkiewicz

“I knew he was capable of a lot. But contending for the MVP every year? That’s amazing.”
—Former teammate Johnny Damon

“He’s got a great personality and gets along with everyone. He’s a great teammate to have.”
—Former teammate Brian Buchanan

“I’ve always been a David Ortiz guy.”
—Twins GM Terry Ryan

“David Ortiz is the type of guy you can’t help but like.”

“When David’s thinking right, he’s a good hitter.”
—Former Twin Tony Oliva

“He’s bulletproof, as far as I’m concerned. Whether there’s a lefthander on the mound or a righthander on the mound, he beats us up pretty good.”
—Yankees manager Joe Torre

“In this league, he does exactly what you’re supposed to do—hit.”
—Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi

“Everyone knew he could hit, and boy, he’s hitting now.”
—Former Yankees GM Gene Michael

“If he continues to perform the way he’s going right now, you can put him right up there with anybody.”
—Former teammate Pedro Martinez

“We always thought he was going to be a great hitter.”
—Twins manager Ron Gardenhire

“The thing that makes him tough is he’s got quick hands, he’s on the plate, and he doesn’t mind going the other way.”
—Former teammate Keith Foulke

“He’s a tremendous person, but his bat, that’s what helps us win more games.”
—Red Sox manager Terry Francona

“He has the quickest, warmest smile I've ever seen.”

“Dang near every time, he comes through for us.”
—Teammate Coco Crisp

“He's confident when other guys are hiding.”
—Teammate Curt Schilling

“When you're mechanically sound, as he is, those slumps are short. That's what makes him so good.”
—Teammate Jason Varitek

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