“He hasn’t fought two consecutive fights the same. He has no percievable style, no label.”
—Boxing historian Bert Sugar

“The fighter you see today looks much like the fighter he’s always been…He’s built as if jets had been mounted on a biplane.”
—Writer Mark Kriegal

“Oscar has been able to open more doors in three years than I was able to open in 20 years or would ever be able to open.”
—Promoter Roy Englebrecht

“No Latin fighter has ever approached De La Hoya’s Spanish-speaking, English-speaking crossover appeal.”
—Writer Allen Barra

“Oscar proved he is a great champion.”
—Broadcaster Gil Clancy

“Commercially, he’s the most successful nonheavyweight fighter and one of the most successful fighters of any weight in the history of boxing.”
—HBO executive Mark Taffet

“Some observers see him as an unusally talented fighter but one without a discernible style—and a relatively weak right hand—who has fallen short of greatness because he’s never won a big fight convincingly.”
—Writer Michael Rosenthal

“I think when all is said and done, he’ll be regarded as an outstanding fighter, and, who knows, maybe more than that.”
—Broadcaster Larry Merchant



Bert Sugar, 1991 Kayo



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