“Every time I go out there I expect to win.”

“On any given night, I can throw a shutout.”

“You have one good game or season, so what? You have to have a career.”

“It doesn’t matter who’s in the box. You go after them and get them out the best way you can.”

“Guys think I’m staring them down, but they watch ME for signs. Why can’t I do the same to them?”

“I’m just trying to stay aggressive and mix things up enough to be successful.”

“I always heard that I was too small.”

“I like a challenge. I always have.”

“The thing about this game is pretty much everything you’ve done, somebody had done it before you.”

“I don’t like to be the guy that stands out. I like kind of sneaking up on guys instead of being out front.”

“When you’re from Weir, Mississippi, almost everywhere you go looks like the big city.”

“I’ve always been a guy who likes big games."

“I'm at a point in my career where I just want a chance to get back to the World Series like I did in '05 with Houston.”

“I wanted to go to a contender, and Houston gets some good prospects in return who will hopefully allow them to build a winning team.”

“I've been in the same place for 10 years and having to say goodbye and clean out the locker is the toughest part.”

“I'm excited to be going to Philly. I love watching Roy Halladay pitch.”

“They pay you to pitch and that's what I'm going to do.”

Roy Oswalt,
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Roy Oswalt, 2004 Donruss


Roy Oswalt,
2002 Upper Deck Vintage


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