Michael Owen  

“I wouldn’t change my life for the world at the moment.”

"I want to be a top-flight football player, so I lead the life that enables me to be that type of player. I prefer to be seen in a decent light rather than an indecent one."

“You always come back to earth with a thump at some stage. Life has it's ups and downs; the acid test is how you handle the downs."

"I have always been confident that I would make it to the top."

"I've always been a player that likes to get round the back and get crosses in for other people. When I first burst on to the scene some people only saw the goals I was scoring. More recently they've taken notice of the goals I've set up. It is nice to be recognized for that."

"To be at the top, you have to have a competitive streak in you. If you're not performing well, you've got to be angry with yourself."

"I have a great family, good friends, a nice girlfriend, my own house. I have got everything how I want it to be."






Michael Owen, 1998 FourFourTwo

Michael Owen, 1998 Futera



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