“I'm looking forward to getting together with Treat, Lee and the guys and putting some points on the board. That's what I've done everywhere I've been, and it's going to continue.'”

“I looked at the defensive side of the ball and the offensive side of the ball, and these guys have all the pieces.”

“When I was a kid, I'd watch pro football on TV and I'd see someone make a play and I'd say, 'I wish that could be me.' But then I'd have to wonder, 'Could I make that big play?'”

“I just looked at Jerry [Rice] going off the field and tried to visualize that maybe one day that would be me.”

“He [Rice] taught me a lot on and off the field. And definitely, if you want to say that torch has been passed, I'll just take that torch and keep going.”

“Exposure is exposure, whether it's good or bad. But you know what? You live and you learn, and I know who to trust and who not to trust. I'm in control of what I'm in control of, and that's me coming in here and being productive on the field. And as long as I'm keeping my nose clean and doing the right thing, then I'm OK.”

“I'm probably not going to get the respect Jerry has until I win a Super Bowl. I'm just as good right now as he was at this point. But he won a Super Bowl; that's what made him great.”

“To be honest, I think I'm a little better then [Randy] Moss. I bring a lot more to the table than he does.”

“I'm smart enough to know when I've done something wrong, but I don't understand this. Guys are beating their wives, getting DUIs and doing drugs, and I get national attention for a Sharpie? People are personally attacking me, calling me a classless asshole because I did something creative during a game. Why?”

“The criticism that hurt me most is that I'm dishonoring the game, have no class, no respect. Who is Dennis Green to say that, when he couldn't control Randy Moss? I'm disrespecting the game? I'm not the one with the rap sheet. I've never taken a play off or not blocked. I guess walking off the ball and not blocking anyone like Randy is respecting the game, huh?”

“Carry a Sharpie with me at all times now. In my car, in warm-ups. Got to flip the script. I'm brainstorming for my next one. They thought the Dallas thing was hard to top, but I topped it. Took me two years, but I topped it.”

“You have a white guy as an announcer and sportscaster. Me, I'm black. I do it and I've already done some stuff in the past. We're more expressive than the white guys. You look at the skill players. We're the ones that get into the end zone. We get in the end zone more than they do.”

“I've never really thought of myself as having an ego. I've always found myself as having a lot of confidence. I know I have a lot of great ability. I know what I bring to the table.

"Anytime I am on the field I expect to have an impact. I just don't foresee myself being a decoy. That is just like putting Shaq on the court and not giving him the ball.”

"Like I have said all along, I have the best doctor of all, and that is God. You can't argue with a guy like that."

"I have said it all along. I have played with the greatest receiver in the game. When I played with him, he made me better because I had a chance to go one on one. I had a chance to exploit guys who were man-to-man with me because they doubled Jerry [Rice] a lot. I am basically fulfilling his role. I know what my role is and I am just doing the best I can do."

“When it is time to go out and bring my 'A' game and someone wants to challenge me, I am not going to back down.”

"My thing is that I'm going to try and have fun with the game. I work hard in the offseason to better myself and to help this team. So, if they get ticked off, then they need to do something about it; they need to 'bow their necks.' It really doesn't matter; I can't worry about that."

“I believe in transcending our sport, not just staying between the lines.”

"Playing with Tony is fun because you get plays that allow you to make something out of nothing."

“What receiver that's out there that's had great stats, great careers that didn't want the ball? I'm no different.”


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