“We share the common goal of winning football games. His ability and experience will add to our offense and the weapons we already have.”
—Former teammate Trent Edwards

“When they signed T.O., I thought of James Lofton. When he came in I already had Andre Reed, but I needed that other guy so we could run that three wide receiver offense. Lofton came in and we went to Super Bowls and looking at T.O hopefully he's the guy that will get then to that next level.”
—Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly

“There's no doubt that having Terrell is going to help Trent.”
Bills o ffensive coordinator Turk Schonert

“We all know if his tremendous ability and look forward to what he will bring to our offense.”
Bills owner Ralph Wilson

“I just feel T.O. is going to carry on the tradition. I feel like my job is done.”
—Football legend Jerry Rice

“When I watch T.O. work, I see myself.”

“The only thing that will keep Terrell Owens from being the best is Terrell Owens.”
—Veteran coach George Stewart

“Terrell does it all. He doesn't take plays off. He blocks in the running game. He plays hard the whole game.”
—NFL veteran Dexter McCleon

“It's always a mismatch. If you try to get into his body, forget it. He'll just throw you aside.”
—NFL veteran Ray Buchanan

“You've got to keep his yardage after the catch limited; that is probably the most important thing. He's a threat short, in the quick passing game. He can break a tackle and go all the way.”
—NFL coach George Catavolos

“When he catches the ball and runs, it's like he runs with anger.”
—Former teammate Jeff Garcia

“He's next generation, no doubt. If you let him get position on you, it's over.”
—NFL veteran Fred Smoot

“He's a lot like Michael Irvin. He's a tough matchup for corners because he is 6-3. He's better in the fourth quarter than the first.”
—Saints GM Randy Mueller

“I'd say he's a pretty mellow guy in everyday life. He has his moments where he gets kind of wild like he does on the field, but for the most part he's a reserved dude.”
—Former teammate J.J. Stokes

“You know, you go to Pro Bowls and you see different guys that just kind of go through the motions at the Pro Bowls. He's pretty much, the same as it is right now. You know, just continue to get good work in, run routes hard, catch the ball, and get a burst up field. You don't see that much, especially with guys who make the Pro Bowl, their egos kind of get in the way. They think they are the best at what they do and then kind of take it easy out there. He's trying to get better."
—Former teammate Donovan McNabb

"If [Owens] is thinking that people think he's selfis, he's listening to five percent of the people out there."
—Hall of Famer Steve Young

“There's no question about what he's willing to do for his team."
—Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

"He’s at the point of his career where he knows he’s going to be an all-star. I don’t think he’s as worried about that as he is about winning."
—NFL coach Wade Phillips

"He certainly wasn't shy about suggesting stuff, or letting you know he was open on a play, but that's part of the quarterback-wide receiver relationship."
—Former teammate Ryan Fitzpatrick

“But ask any Bills player, media relations employee or front office official and you'll get nothing but praise for the way Owens conducted himself.”
—Sportswriter Allen Wilson

“Terrell Owens is the ultimate NFL athlete, exuding true passion, high every, and raw talent. Terrell stands out as a dominant figure in football.”
—President of Visual Concepts Entertainment Greg Thomas

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