“I enjoy watching him play, and I enjoy playing against him. He’s fantastic.”
—All-Star Kobe Bryant

“His match-up is difficult. He’s strong. He’s able to make some step-throughs or some pivots that get him by our defenders.”
—Legendary coach Phil Jackson

“I’ll say this, every team Paul Pierce passed on his way to Boston is sick about it. Boston is very, very lucky.”
—Former Kings executive Jerry Reynolds

“He’s a far, far better person than he is a basketball player.”
—North Carolina coach Roy Williams

“There is not much that can stop him. He can really do some great things.”
—Former teammate Raef LaFrentz

“There’s no doubt the stabbing incident slowed him down, but to have the kind of season he did was amazing.”
—Former Celtics coach Rick Pitino

“I’d rather have Paul than anybody.”

“I was sympathetic to the frustration he had, but I thought he dealt with it pretty well.”
—Celtics GM Danny Ainge

“He plays slow. People think everything has to be fast. When I go to camps, I say that while other people beat you with quickness, Paul beats you with footwork. He's the king of ii.”
—Celtics head coach Doc Rivers


Kobe Bryant, 2006 Total


Rick Pitino, autographed photo

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