“Dad taught me a lot about the game and what it takes to get to this level, and there's no question he's been the biggest influence on me.” 

“I love playing three, four times a week. That's what I've always wanted to do. In college we played Friday, Saturday, then had the whole week to think about it.” 

“I grew up in that hockey-family atmosphere, where there were pictures all around from the North Stars to Team Canada.” 

"I'm so much more comfortable with my role—I'm able to try things and make plays that I probably wouldn't have done a few years ago.” 

“You get hot sometimes, and other times you feel like you can't put the puck in the ocean.” 

“Every year, I just want to do better than I did the year before.” 

“Things just happen to be going really well right now.” 

“I always wanted to play in the Olympics and always wanted to represent my country.” 

“You don't want to look too far ahead or get too excited about anything, so I just want to keep doing what I've been doing.”

“I guess everybody needs a little kick sometimes to wake you up.” 

“If it happens that I score 50 goals, it'll be awesome. Any player in the league would like 50. But I don't keep thinking every day that I have to score in order to reach 50 goals .”

“It was a tragedy when the North Stars left, but it was great when they brought in another team there.” 

“I don't score highlight reel goals. They come from work, from getting into the corners, getting a little dirty.” 


Zach Parise, 2007 Upper Deck




Zach Parise, 2006 Victory

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