“He's finding out the NHL is not glory all the time.”
—J.P. Parise

"He's a sharp, sharp kid.”

“We don't look at points here. We look at winning, and whether Zach scores or doesn't score right now, he's doing things and bringing tremendous character and learning.”
—Devils GM Lou Lamoriello

“Zach is strong, he's got great hands, he's got great knowledge of the game, he can shoot the puck, knows how to pass the puck, knows how to get into areas to score and knows how to make guys better around him.”
—Devils coach Brent Sutter

“He's what you'd say is a complete player, in just about every aspect of the game and, yet, he's only going to get better.”

“He makes a lot happen offensively.”
—Teammate Brian Gionta

"The first thing you notice about Zach is his work ethic. He plays at a high level and goes at it non-stop. It's fun to watch and I think the rest of our team looks at and sees him playing that hard and there's no reason for us not to be following. He sets a great example.”
—Teammate Jamie Langenbrunner

"Zach has proven what everyone said coming in, that he can be a top-echelon player.”

"I think he definitely has the capability of putting in 50.”

"He's always soaking up information. He's one of the hardest workers and he likes the spotlight. He's a special one.”
—Former teammate Scott Gomez

“He’s got the flair for the big time.”

“His work ethic is always great.”
—Former Devils coach Claude Julien

“He developed in two years in college what some people take five or six.”
North Dakota coach Dean Blais

"He’s the best American forward, for sure.”
Team USA Olympic Coach Ron Wilson

I can't expect a player to be better than this.”
Devils coach Jacques Lemaire

"Love the way he plays. Just a great, nifty player. And he works his butt off.”
—NHL legend Steve Yzerman

“He's all about hockey. His commitment to the game is second to nonee.”
—All-Star Martin Brodeur

“It's been my team for so many years here, but now I believe it's his team. I may still be the face, but he's the future.”



J.P. Parise, 1971 OPC sticker




Jamie Langenbrunner,
2003 Bee Hive


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