“My heart will always be with the Boston fans. I hope that everyone who truly loves me will still support me now that I won't be with the Red Sox."

"I like the challenge. I do not like the attention.”

“When I go to the plate, I think about putting the ball in play. It’s important to get on base and get some walks, but I don’t go to the plate thinking of walking.”

“Baseball is a game of the soul."

"We grew up poor, very poor, but I am very proud of where I come from."

"I love my teammates, and I’ll do anything for them."

"I am still Ramon’s 'little brother.'”

"There was always something missing in Montreal."

"I enjoy every bit of baseball I can get."

"I learned a lot about the game and what it was going to be like, just from talking to Ramon. I was prepared."

"I’ve never done anything wrong—ever got a ticket, never been in jail."

"You can’t have a family when you’re playing because you’re away from home so much. So believe me, I won’t be pitching forever. I won't make it to 300 wins or anything like that. No way."

"I was never a headhunter."

"Stop working and you're right back to where you came from—nothing."

"Every time I feel mad or something, I run somewhere. It gets my frustrations away. I run and run and run."

"I believe I have a responsibility that goes along with the money I make. I can help a lot of people.”

"I wasn't thinking about 3,000 [strikeouts]. It feels great. But it doesn't compare with being back with the team."




Pedro Martinez, 2004 New York Post

Pedro Martinez,
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Pedro Martinez, 1992 Donruss


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