“He’s so tiny. And I don't know where he gets that speed from. That velocity is amazing."
—Former teammate Larry Walker

"His stuff is as good as anyone’s."
—Former big-league manager Felipe Alou

"He is a fearless competitor who knows how to perform on the big stage, and has terrific charisma."
—Former Expos GM Dan Duquette

"He’s got electric stuff."
—Former Cub Mark Grace

"He just loves to pitch in front of a packed house, with everyone standing, watching him work."
—Former teammate Mo Vaughn

"The movement on his fastball is exceptional."
—Broadcaster Tim McCarver

"Pedro’s a great competitor. He stares at hitters and pumps his fist when he pitches, but that’s all part of his competitive nature. After the game, he’s back to being humble. He’s always respectful of his opponents."
—Former teammate Tom Glavine

"He’s the first person I’ve ever seen with an above-average fastball and an above-average changeup.”
Randy Johnson

"Martinez may be the best, but he can’t do it all by himself."
—Sportswriter Peter Gammons

"Yes, he’s got good stuff. But the important thing is that he knows how to use it, changing speeds and throwing strikes."
—Former Red Sox manager Jimy Williams

"If you lean over the plate, he’ll stick one up your nose."
—Yankees slugger Jason Giambi

"Some people are a little afraid of Pedro, and that helps him."
—Cubs manager Lou Piniella

"This is a man who knows his body because he works so hard. When he thinks he can do something, we give him the chance."
—Former Red Sox pitching coach Joe Kerrigan

"Pedro has the drive for greatness that Seaver, Carlton, Koufax, Ryan and all the great pitchers had."

"If Pedro gives up two or three runs in a game people ask, 'What went wrong?'"
—Former teammate Darrin Fletcher

"Petey had his own set of rules...which I was surprised to see, given the passion here."
—All-Star Curt Schilling

"Pedro is constantly making adjustments during games."
—Former teammate Jason Varitek

"I hate like hell to face Pedro."
—Veteran manager Jack McKeon

"The Mets had to do this. They had to overpay. They had to blow Pedro Martinez out of the water."
—Sportswriter Mike Vaccaro

"When you look at the list of all-time 3,000 strikeout members, Pedro is in incredible elite company, with some of the greatest names of pitchers in the history of the game."
—Hall of Fame representative Brad Horn


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