“I love him. I love that guy!”
—Teammate David Ortiz

“When you meet Dustin for the first time, you kind of step back a little bit.”
—2001 World Series MVP Curt Schilling

“He’s got great energy and great drive. He likes to prove people wrong.”
—Red Sox GM Theo Epstein

“He can get a rise out of you with the best of them.”
—Former teammate Coco Crisp

“He can hit. He can square up with the baseball as good as I’ve ever seen.”
—Red Sox batting coach Dave Magadan

“I just think he swings too hard.”
—Hall of Famer George Brett

“I’m pretty open-minded as a hitter. Seeing the success he had kept my mind open.”
—Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn

“They haven’t figured this kid out, and I don’t think they can figure him out.”
—Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy

“He’s played with a lot of consistency. He’s done everything we expected him to.”
—All-Star Mike Lowell

“I thought it would have been doing the organization a disservice by not sticking with him … he has more than rewarded our patience.”
—Red Sox manager Terry Francona

“He literally attacks the ball with his entire body.”
—Arizona State coach Pat Murphy


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