“Adrian Peterson, in my mind, is a special talent.”
—Hall of Famer Jim Brown

“It's not just his work ethic, it's his positivity. He's always at 100 miles per hour, pushing himself. But he never complains. You'll never hear him say, 'I'm sore. I'm tired. My legs feel heavy today.”
—Teammate Toby Gerhart

“We have to piggyback off those when Adrian has a great game.”
—Teammate Christian Ponder

“This dude is something special.”
—Former teammate Pat Williams

“He wants to prove that he can play this game ata high level.”
—Former Vikings RB coach Eric Bienemy

“You take the best attributes out of all the best backs in the league now—you might even say the best backs in league history—and he has all those things.”
—Former teammate Darren Sharper

“He’s a special running back. We weren’t able to stop him.”
—Bears head coach Lovie Smith

“He reminds me of how Eric Dickerson used to run.”
—Cowboys star Marcus Spears

“We knew we needed explosive players on the offensive side of the football, and we got one of the best.”
—Former Vikings head coach Brad Childress

“This guy won’t go out of bounds. Every time he carries the ball he tries to hurt you.”
—ESPN analyst Jon Gruden

“He has  the vision of a Marshall Faulk, the power of a Terrell Davis, and the speed of an Eric Dickerson. Let’s pray he has the endurance of an Emmitt Smith.”
—NFL great Deion Sanders

“He’s got burst, acceleration and he runs hard every down.”
—Former Browns GM Phil Savage

“When the guy’s foot hits the ground, the earth moves in the opposite direction.”
—Former teammate Dan Cody

“He’ll have great numbers and he’ll play in the NFL forever. It’s in the cards.”
—Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

“If you're not really stable with who you are, an injury like this can be a huge blow to your ego. You're the king of the hill, then all of a sudden—uh-oh. But Adrian? He's been energetic since the day I met him.”
—Vikings physical therapist Russ Paine

“No team fears the Vikings passing game. Every team is geared up to stop the run.”
—Sportswriter Michael Rand

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