“My dad was the first one who said, ‘You’re going to end up behind the plate because you’ve got a very good arm and you’re very smart when it comes to calling a game.’”

“My father knows me better than anyone. He can tell me over the phone what I’m doing wrong.”

“When you’re aggressive behind the plate, calling a game, that’s when you’re at your best. You can’t be tentative.”

“If I get up at four o’clock in the morning to go to the bathroom, that’s what I’m thinking about—catching.”

“Baseball always was everything to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very important. But now I look at it in a different way. You gain perspective.”

“I really take pride in being the everyday catcher. I pray to be healthy, so I can improve every year. But I don’t really like talking about what I’ve done. I’ve got to keep going.”

“Some days are a blessing when you wake up and you say, ‘Wow, I feel good today.’ Some days are like: ‘Wow, I feel bad. I got no chance today.’ You tape it up and you go.”

“You can always look back on having a good defensive day, even if you didn’t do anything offensively. You won the game and you contributed.”

“When you’re catching, catching, catching and it’s hot, the summer really wears you down.”

“Some of the guys don’t like to come out of the lineup. I’m one of them.”

“The only thing that matters is when the team wins.”

“I try to go out and do the same thing every night. I’ve been taught since I was a kid that the only thing that matters is winning.”

“I just love the game."

"There's no second wind. When you play 162 games, there is no second wind.”

“If anything goes wrong, I can also fall as a DH. Right now, I'm a catcher and I'm looking forward to catch for four more years."

"I belong a Yankee. I'm really happy that I got the chance to sign a good contract, and really happy that I got the chance to stay with the Yankees. Going elsewhere, I was going to hear the offers, but the Yankees made it really tough.”

“I'm always happy. I like to have fun. During the game, I don't like showing my emotions, though. I'm all about winning the game. I take a lot of responsibility for that."

"I just want to keep on catching and be there for the pitchers—that's my main goal.”





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