“He swings the bat well from both sides, and he’s got power.”
—Cubs manager Lou Piniella

“The only thing I try to do with Jorge is just to remind him that it doesn’t have to be 110% all the time.”
—Former Yankees manager Joe Torre

“You want Jorge to hit. You want to make his job that much easier when you’re throwing to him so he’s comfortable to hit, and vice versa. When he is hitting, I think he’s more comfortable behind the plate.”
—300-game winner Roger Clemens

“Jorge works hard on his defensive skills and, as a pitcher, you appreciate that.”

“I played with him in the minor leagues, and everybody knows what he’s capable of."
—All-Star Derek Jeter

“People don't appreciate his consistency. To me, it's not about gaudy numbers. I just go by my eyes. He is consistent. It's very difficult to have one good year, or even two. But year in and year out, he is able to come through."

“He plays with a lot of intensity, but when he's handling the pitchers, I think he realizes he needs to tone it down a bit. If we're struggling, even if we don't show it, he knows we're a little bit rattled and tries to tone it down a little bit. He's done a great job with that.”
—Teammate Andy Pettitte

“He's caught me for so long. The biggest thing for me with a catcher is can you work with him? Can you talk to him? You can with Georgie. He will listen.”

“Jorge's deep in the game. He pays attention to hitters and he has a plan to work with.”
—Teammate Mariano Rivera

“I’ve always liked his balance at the plate. He never looks like he swings off-balance. He’s really confident with runners on and that’s what that’s all about.”
—Former teammate Paul O’Neill

“He doesn’t get enough credit for the leadership that he has in that clubhouse. Sometimes that intensity can carry into some emotional outbursts that arent always that bad to have around.”
—Yankees GM BrianCashman

“He’s one of the leaders on the Yankees. Some other players get a little more recognition for that, but Posada is the guy they look to for leadership. It’s almost like you have a diamond in the rough that people haven’t given a lot of attention to.”
—Former teammate John Flaherty

“One thing I saw in him was his energy and his enthusiasm on the field. I marked down Jorge as having a good attitude, and I thought that would serve him well. Looking back I realize I was wrong. His attitude is great.”
—Yankees scout Leon Wurth

“Now he’s a force as a power hitter. A lot of his chances to get where he is now were determined by his work ethic.”
—Former Yankees hitting coach Gary Denbo


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