“I have a working man’s mentality. I come to work and do my job.” 

“For the Ravens to beat the New England Patriots set a precedent. We'll always remember this win.” 

“Whatever I can contribute is fine with me.” 

"What Coach Schiano brought [to Rutgers] was a great vision and I was just part of that vision.” 

“Things work out for a reason. Being at Rutgers is the best thing that could have happened to me.” 

“When I’m running, I’m looking for contact. It’s kind of weird. It brings a fire to me. When I get older I’ll probably get wise and not do that.” 

“I just go out there thinking whatever happens, happens. If my number is called, I just go out and do the best I can do. Whatever is best for the team.” 

“I keep getting stronger as the game keeps going.” 

“One thing we said as an offense is we want to start games fast ... we want the other team to play catch-up to us.”

“Obviously, you want to set your goals high, and 2,000 yards is as high as it gets for a running back.” 

“I was forced to grow up quicker than most. I was forced to be a young man at a young age.”

“I was taught that I cannot back down to anything. I was trained never to be scared.” 

“For the first 40 yards I am one of the fastest guys. After that, it's a horse race.”

“You've got to stretch that defense, and once you hit it, you got to go.” 

“I want to be someone that kids in my community look up to and want to strive to give back when they grow up.”

“I didn't want to use my tragedies as a reason to not succeed. I wanted to use those things to push me and help me to prevail and to provide for my family. No matter what we went through, my mom worked so hard to keep us on the straight and narrow and did whatever she could to keep afloat.” 

“The game of football really is more cerebral than most people think. To be successful, it takes more than just strength and speed; it takes versatility, intelligence, and ability to think quickly and calmly, to adapt to every situation.”


Ray Rice, 2008 Score



Ray Rice, 2009 Mayo’s

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