Simeon Rice  

"I want to do something extraordinary, not just make a tackle. I want to make people's eyes widen, like, 'God, you see that?'"

"For me, it's not about sacking the quarterback. It's about changing the course of the game. It's causing a crucial fumble at a crucial time. It's making a tackle for a loss when the opposing team needs to gain one or two yards for the first down. I look at myself as a sudden-impact player."

"It means everything. Making my father happy, that's my biggest joy."

"I approach football like a street-ball game, like I'm playing with the fellas in the yard.”

“A lot of guys see the complexity of the game; I see the simplicity."

"I'm a free spirit. A spirit that evolves. I'm a diamond. I'm just refining it. Polishing it. Glossing it up."

"The thing I see for myself is to be the best ever."


Simeon Rice, 2000 Tradition

Simeon Rice, 1998 Upper Deck Choice



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