Simeon Rice  

  • Among Simeon’s classmates at Mt. Carmel were Donovan McNabb and Antoine Walker. He sponsors a scholarship tuition program at his high school alma mater.
  • Simeon had an extensive collection of football cards as a kid. After his 15th birthday, he gave them all to a neighborhood friend who had just suffered a personal tragedy.
  • Simeon ended his college career ninth on the Division 1-A list for sacks. The leaders at the time were Derrick Thomas (Alabama) and Tedy Bruschi (Arizona) with 52.
  • Simeon says an alter ego overtakes him on game days. He calls the personality "Game," and swears he assumes complete control of his mind and body.
  • Simeon was barely edged out by Dexter Jackson in the balloting for Super Bowl XXXVII MVP. He got six and a half votes to the safety’s eight.
  • Simeon's father retired in 1997 after 30 years on the assembly line for Ford. The family received a scare four years later when Henry had to undergo triple bypass surgery. He came through the six-hour operation in good shape.

Antoine Walker, 1997 Upper Deck

Derrick Thomas, 1991 Fleer Ultra


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