Simeon Rice  

"He forces action. He doesn’t sit back. He has to be smart with his pass rush, but he never stops hustling or lets up."
—All-Pro teammate Derrick Brooks

"He can redefine the right end position like Lawrence Taylor redefined the linebacker position."
—former teammate Lomas Brown

"It's rare that a defensive player can be like a Red Grange or a Gale Sayers, can take on that kind of dimension."
—former Illinois coach Lou Tepper

"Simeon's the most confident young person I've ever met. At first you might mistake it for arrogance, but it's not. He doesn't believe anyone can stop him."
—former teammate Eric Hill

"There are two different types of pass rushers—a speed rusher and a bull rusher. Then you have Simeon Rice. He doesn’t fit into either of the two. He's got long arms, and he's fast, and you have to respect his little bull rush."
—Eagles left tackle Tra Thomas

Derrick Brooks, 1998 Upper Deck Choice

Tra Thomas, 1998 Upper Deck Choice


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