”It’s time for me to step up and take control. That’s what I’ve always been used to."

"I grew up on the game."

"I’ve been calling plays in the huddle since I was seven."

"I’ve already developed trust in my teammates, as a player and as a person."

"I’m getting better every day."

"Anybody who has watched me play knows I’m not one of the fastest guys, but I understand what’s going on around me and what to look for. I know what the defense is doing."

"I’m excited about the opportunity to get out there and show not only what I can do but, more importantly, what this team can do with me in there."

"I don’t like to sit still."

"I consider myself a leader of this football team, along with a lot of other guys."

"I have the responsibility to work hard and get ready so we can take this team where we need to go."

"I hate to lose!"

"I'm out there having as good a time as I did in the backyard since I was five-years-old."

"You want to be playing your best in December and hopefully it’ll carry over into January."

"You prepare. You study. You’ve got to be ready for anything."

"The link between me and Eli is always going to be there."



Philip Rivers, 2005 Topps Total


Philip Rivers, 2005 Heritage

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