"When we were in the minor leagues, Scott’s was always the name we heard about. He was the guy everyone wanted to play with.”
—Former teammate Pat Burrell

"There have been times where he’ll make one of those great plays and I’ll just be standing there staring. Then I’ll see the other guys running off the field because there are three outs.”
—Former t eammate Jim Edmonds

“He could cover third base AND shortstop.”
—Former t eammate Edgar Renteria

“He’s as good as anyone who ever played the position.”
—Cardinals manager Tony La Russa

“He saves runs defensively, and he generates runs offensively.”
—La Russa

“It’s real nice to see a young guy who comes along who’s hard-nosed like he is and very businesslike.”
—Former big leaguer Walt Weiss

“He’s not caught up in individual stuff. He’s a team guy, and that’s what baseball is all about.”
—Former All-Star Dick Allen

“He’s very focused. His concentration level is very high.”
—Former All-Star Hal McRae

“He’s got great athleticism at third base. He’s got great tools, period.”
—Former MVP Cal Ripken

“He’s always working on the difficult plays. That says a lot.”
—Former teammate Matt Morris

“He’s the brightest and most level-headed player I've ever been around.”
—Former Phillies GM Ed Wade

“This guy’s a stud ... there’s nothing he can’t do.”
—Broadcaster Tim McCarver

“Not a lot of players play the game the way he does. But a lot more should.”
—Former teammate Curt Schilling

“You respect him because he plays the game the right way.”
—Former teammate Matt Clement

“He’s a quiet gentle giant who can really play this game.”
—Former teammate Steve Kline

”He plays ever game like it’s his last, and that's the greatest compliment I can give.”
—Former big leaguer Rex Hudle

”I'd really love to have a healthy Scott in the lineup every day. But this could be one of those trades that's good for both teams.”
—St. Louis broadcaster Al Hrabosky

“When I first saw him play, it was easy to tell he was not only a special player, but a special person.”
—Former teammate Rico Brogna

“He’s as well-rounded a player as I’ve ever seen.”
—Former teammate Mike Matheny

“If I had to start a team tomorrow, Scott’s my third baseman.”
—Former teammate Ray King

“He does a lot of things that other guys don’t. He gets from first to third. He hustles every time he hits the ball. He probably saves 75 to 100 runs a year.”
—Former Phillies manager Larry Bowa

“When Mike Schmidt says you’re the best third baseman he’s ever seen, that’s pretty good.”
—Former teammate Jason Isringhausen

“Rolen's the perfect baseball player. It's his tenacity, his preparation, the way he plays. He tries to do everything fundamentally sound. And he puts the team team first—there's no fanfare with him.”
—Royals manager Ned Yost



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