“My vision is the number one thing for me—I’ve always capitalized on it.”

“If I have 200 rushing yards and no TD’s, that’s failure. Just failure.”

“I’m deceptive. I can look like I’m chillin’ and be haulin’. And I can look like I’m haulin’ and be chillin’.”

“If you get everybody to see your right hand and really you’re a left-handed person, then you’ve got ’em. That’s what I do. I kind of play the not-that-fast, not-that-strong, not-that-talented, kind-of-lucky role."

“I’m a pretty physical back anyway, but I want to get a lot more physical.”

“I’m recognized more on the national level than I am locally, and that’s really kind of funny to me.”

“I have an idea of what I want to see, and then as I go I just kind of feel it out.”

“Sometimes you’ve got to hit them right before they hit you.”

“I think I drive Coach Holmgren crazy. When a person is fiery, you know what they’re thinking. Coach Holmgren doesn’t know what I’m thinking.”

“It would be great to be in a city where there’s bright lights and all the commercials, to be with the best of the best. And then there’s times when you’re like, ‘Man, you know what? Lets go out to the nicest restaurant in town and not be hassled.'”

“I can see things really well. I see holes before they open up, because I can just feel it happening.”

“I like doing things that people have never done before. In football, I scored five touchdowns in the first half and that’s never been done before. People ask, ‘You did that in high school or the NFL?’ I’m like, ‘The NFL’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, right.’”

“I try not to judge or assume anything out of anybody. My mom always told me, ‘Never assume.’ and you can finish the rest.”

“I guess for me, the simplest way to take it is enjoy wherever I am, and I’m going to have fun wherever I’m at.”

“I don’t really worry about trying to get he national praise. My biggest thing is the Super Bowl. I think when you win Super Bowls, you get whatever kind of praise you want.”

“The reason why I love football is because it’s the ultimate team sport. You get ten guys to work together to get one person to score points.”





Shaun Alexander, 2003 Tradition

Shaun Alexander photo


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