“What do people say—he has a nose for the end zone? He smells it? I really don’t know. You don’t think he's the fastest guy, but you see guys that are fast and they don’t catch him. I really don’t know how to expalin it.”
—Teammate Matt Hasselbeck

“He’s very slippery. Guys don’t miss tackles because the guy is standing still. He’s making you miss.”
—Pro Bowler Michael Strahan

“Our room is full of M&M’s and Twix and Doritos and Sweet Tarts. If I ate like Shaun, I’d be a guard next year.”
—Teammate Heath Evans

“He spends his off-season speaking to youth groups and youth rallies. I think that’s Shaun’s true passion.”

“Shaun was always a good back. This season, he has become a great back.”
—Pro Bowler Grant Wistrom

“If he gets in the open, he can make guys miss. He’s a deceptive guy. You think you’ve got him, then he’s not there when you arrive.”
—Panthers Safety Mike Minter

“Shaun’s 40 time doesn’t matter, because his playing speed is so much faster. And that’s what really matters. ”
—Hall of Famer Marcus Allen

“He’s the man you want for your tailback, your neighbor, your child’s teacher, your child’s hero.”
—Sportswriter Lonnie Wheeler

“He’s become a more physical runner.”
—Analyst Merril Hoge

“He almost looks like his feet hit like a Clydesdale as opposed to a quarter horse.”
—Seahawks exec Will Lewis

“We have a really good running back, and I’m going to keep handing him the ball.”
—Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren

“I’ve seen the natural evolution of a football player. He’s always been a great runner, but over the years I’ve pushed him a little bit. That’s my job. He knows who he is now, and he trusts me more.”

“He is a do-it-all back. He has all of the skills.”
—Former Rams head coach Mike Martz

“Shaun is one of the confident guys I’ve ever met.”
—Teammate Mack Strong

“He doesn’t do any one thing great, but when the game is over you go, ‘Wow, he had 100-something yards.’ And he finds the end zone—that’s the greatest attribute to have.”
—Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson



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