“Being able to help, being able to go out there every five games, is definitely something I was waiting for.”

“It's a great feeling for me just to put my uniform on and be part of my team.”

I want to be healthy. Simple as that.”

“Dreams can come true, but you have to go for it.”

“I’m having fun and I’m not even trying to do much. Everything is coming together.”

“I know what to do when they give me the ball. I know what to do to give this team a chance to win.”

“As a kid, I loved to play centerfield. I loved to make diving catches.”

“I used to be hyper, throw crazy and not think about what I wanted to do with each pitch. Now I have a better understanding of what it is to be a major league pitcher.”

“My changeup looks like a fastball, but one goes straight and the other goes away from the righthanded hitter. Sometimes it cuts by itself, and I don’t know where it’s going.”

“It doesn’t matter how long you have been up here. You have to prove you can do the job. And you have to work hard.”

“I just wanted to be like my dad, Jesus. He was a good shortstop.”

“It’s good to be compared with Randy Johnson, and it’s wonderful to be compared to all the best pitchers in the game.”

“I have to drink a lot of fluids, try not to dehydrate, and keep stretching.”

“We’re proud of Venezuela and Venezuelan baseball. People in America don’t realize it, but we’ve got 25, 30 million people here, and so many of us love baseball. This is a great place to look for talent.”

"When you hear from other players and they're telling you you're the best pitcher in baseball, that makes you feel really good."

"In order for you to win a game, a lot of things have to go right. Your team has to win. Your team has to perform. When you talk about striking out people or ERA, that's personal stuff and where you show people what kind of pitcher you are."

“I just go out there and do what I do and try and hit my spots.”

“To see all the fans getting into it, that's pretty special.”

"I trust all my teammates—especially the bullpen!"



Johan Santana, 2004 Heritage

Johan Santana, 2004 Studio


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