Jeremy Shockey  

“You’re always one play away from never playing, so I want to do as much as I can as soon as possible.”

"I guess you can say I was a late bloomer."

“It's a war out there and either they're going to hurt you or you're going to hurt them. I just go out there and play with my heart.”

“I think I'm a real good person off the field. I've got good character traits, I go to Church often, and I do community service. I think I'm a really good role model.”

“New York will be my home for the rest of my life as far as I’m concerned.”

“I don’t want to sound arrogant, but the defense might shut me down on one or two out of five plays, but I’ll make them pay eventually.”

“I live every day to compete in this league.”

"A cult hero? I don't think of myself as any kind of hero. I don't want to say it's a fairy tale, but two years ago if you would've told me I'd be in this position, I wouldn't believe it hardly."

"It's like I black out out there. I'm in a zone. It's hard for me once I get in the circle to get back out."

"I think it just kind of comes naturally to me. I feel like I've been coached that way my whole life — to play dirty and to play mean."

"After the game, I'm a completely different person. I drink some beers with friends and try to get my mind completely off football."

"Everybody who's ever done anything bad to me, anything that ever went wrong, I try to take it out on somebody—every game. It's like when you see Michael Jordan's highlights and your hair sits up on your arms? I'm like that the whole game."



Jeremy Shockey, 2002 Sports Weekly


Jeremy Shockey, 2002 Score



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